CPS Soft Accurate Accounting Enterprise v4

What's new in version 4 enterprise edition correct ?

many changes and improvements are most essential embrace :

module manufacturing with offer chain management function
recurring transactions are currently created easier due to a
recurring transaction might well be stored thus will not it doesn't would like to
re-input and comes with the use of a reminder
a a lot of comprehensive budgeting module
background page that would be integrated with the use of a web-based customer
support and material knowledge base cps soft on-line most easier
if there will be users who need assistance
analysis reports might well be customized and might well be displayed in a
graph or table that is straight forward to actually read
will open the database remotely via the online ( leased line )
pay global one. com integrated with payment gateway to actually accept
payment and ease is equipped with push notification ( coming soon )
graph of monetary statements might well be accessed via pill or
smartphone ( coming soon )

compared to actually alternative similar applications, correct version 4
enterprise edition has an advantage :

1. Complete
Includes the production function, Bill of Material ( BOM)
Work Order ( WO) , Work In Process ( WIP) to Finishing Goods
are to be continued and integrated
Function of sales, purchasing, inventory, and finance
General Ledger with real-time posting

2. Flexible

Properly used in the factory for mass production and job order
Finishing the product can be done at once or gradually
Using the same database, although the plant and different
office locations ( requires connection leased lines / fiber

3. Easy

There are over 150 ready-made financial reports and analysis
reports that can be custom
Analysis reports can be displayed in the form of graphs and
tables are easy to read
Graph of financial statements can be accessed via tablet or


1) Unpack and install
2) Use the key generator to generate a valid serial
3) Enjoy this release!

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